The BLADE VSC-FX1 Pedal is available!

While we know it has been a long wait to many, the new VSC-FX1 pedal is available now! the Blade VSC in smart little box!

It features a true bypass switch as well as a second switch that will let choose between midrange boost (0-14dB) or Bass (0-9dB) & Treble (0-10dB) Boost. The user adjustable presets let you change your sound from creamy overdrive to bell-like highs – instantly.


New Blade Basses in Production

The new Blade basses are available from production and the first models will be sold out soon! The new bass lineup will showcase various models loaded with new custom active electronics and pickups. The new B3 and B4 Custom models feature Northern American Alder body beautifully adorned with figured wood tops such as flamed maple or spalted maple. More information on our bass section.


Mary SPENDER visits UK Blade distributor

Massive thanks to Scan for inviting me to the store and let me know in the comments below if you have any stories about Blade Guitars!



Samuel C. LEES endorsing the BLADE RH-2

Samuel C Lees has been a professional guitarist since the age of 16.  Over the last 25 years his musical journey has seen him working alongside many artist, absorbing and mastering many styles of music.  Browse the web site and you will find original material in the style of rock, rock blues, jazz and… well just about anything that inspired those finger tips to play guitar.

Samuel’s journey started when he packed up his guitar and ran off to Wales to play guitar for Ray Phillips of Budgie.  With only one week’s notice to the first tour date; Samuel had a job to get mum and dad on board with this project. ‘The Apprentice’ toured all over the UK with Budgie learning his trade and quickly building a reputation as a guitar player that can get the job done.

Yet, all good things must come to an end and Samuel came home with tales to tell and a desire to form his own band and work on his own projects. Projects like Texas Flood, inspired by the playing style of SRV, or The Washington Lees Experiment, a successful collaboration with Steve Tate, one of the UK’sexperienced session drummers and, of course, the Samuel C Lees Band. Special times that enabled him to tour with artist like Jack Bruce, Robben Ford or open for Joe Bonnamassa, Walter Trout, Robin Trouwer and Yngwie J Malmsteen.



JC MAILLARD on tour with Lisa FISCHER

NYC based guitar player JC MAILLARD has made a name with his progressive jazz-rock band “GRAND BATON”. There is one guitar that has always stayed with JC for over 20 years and that is the BLADE RH-3 in Reversed Red Sunburst.

Good news is that GRAND BATON has teamed up with the great singer Lisa FISCHER for a huge tour that goes through the USA and Europe. The concerts being sold out, there is good chance that the tour will be extended over the next months. Don’t miss a chance to see and hear these talented musicians!

Check out Lisa FISCHER’s tour schedule:



Serge KOTTELAT on tour with Alain NITCHAEFF

Swiss guitar player Serge KOTTELAT has been playing his Blade RH-4 and RF-4 guitars since 1989 and needless to say that we are proud about this long term collaboration.

Check out Serge on tour with Alain NITCHAEFF for the “Trafic d’âmes” show.




RH-4 test-drive by Sweden’s Micke NILSSON



Steven ROTHERY on tour with MARILLION

There are not that many bands these days who can pretend to have such a strong fan base and this after over 30 years of existence. MARILLION is the proof that with a strong musical indentity, even the heavy changes that have taken place in the music industry will not be able to affect you!

Also amazing is the fact that guitarist and original member Steve ROTHERY has been playing his Blade R-4, RH-4 and Texas guitars for over 20 years. Needless to say that we are proud to be part of the sound of this great band!

Check out MARILLION’s tour schedule here:



Artur TADEVOSYAN endorsing the BLADE Dayton!

We’re proud to announce the endorsement and collaboration with guitarist, composer & producer ARTUR TADEVOSYAN.

Artur was born in Yerevan (Armenia) and moved to Germany to pursue his musical career. Currently working in his studio, Artur has played with many big names in the industry, he is the writer of the “Metal Riffing” column in Gitarre & Bass magazine and does lots of gear reviews.

Check out the video page on this site for some demos with the BLADE Dayton Standard.

Welcome on board Artur!