T4 Classic

T4 Classic

Tap into the rich tones of this swamp ash bodied work of acoustic art. The pickups on the Delta Classic T2 have been revoiced for 2011 to enhance the midrange without giving up the treble bite expected from this classic package. The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) takes this guitar’s ringing bite and adds everything from warm distortion to dark jazz at the flick of a switch. The Delta Classic is available with a rosewood or maple fingerboard.


Sunset Purple
Clear Blue


The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC)

The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) lets you break through traditional tonal boundaries. The user adjustable presets let you change your sound from creamy overdrive to bell-like highs – instantly. All Blade® electronics also have a passive bypass to give you pure vintage tone and ensure that you never run out of power.
The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) Tone Guide (PDF)

Adjustable Tension Guide

Every detail of a Blade® guitar represents a commitment to engineering perfection. The Adjustable Tension Guide (ATG) perfectly balances the string tension at the nut with an asymmetric spring loaded height adjustment to keep you in tune, no matter how hard you wail on your whammy bar