Straight forward and ready to shred – the X-Fire XF-120 is ready to rock. An East Indian rosewood fingerboard in outfitted with the distinctive X-Fire custom offset inlay pattern and the X-Fire C-profile neck feels solid and comfortable. The humbuckers are calibrated for even response and tonal balance, while enhancing the harmonics. A Blade VSC-3 ensures total tonal elasticity. Thru-body stringing adds sustain and articulation of individual notes. The TOM bridge is finished in Black Chrome as the rest of the hardware. Available with Levinson or EMG pickups.


Blinding White


String-Thru-Body Construction

String-thru-body construction optimizes the string pressure on the Tunomatic for excellent attack and sustain.

Perfectly Positioned Control Center

All controls are ergonomically positioned for fast and easy access. The angled sunken jack socket directs the guitar cable over the strap knob for secure operation.

The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC)

The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) lets you break through traditional tonal boundaries. The user adjustable presets let you change your sound from creamy overdrive to bell-like highs – instantly. All Blade® electronics also have a passive bypass to give you pure vintage tone and ensure that you never run out of power.
The Variable Spectrum Control (VSC) Tone Guide (PDF)